Two bloggers went to Lüneburger Heide, Germany, on March 28th-31st 2019, to promote the destination to travel interested Danes. Afterglobe was suppose to promote the destination to families and A World to Explore promoted the destination to travellers interested in nature and culture.

Two of the days were more or less spent on transportation to and from Lüneburger Heide. The destination had made all arrangements, but the bloggers decided how long they wanted to spend at each place. This was done to make the promotion more authentic as it would reflect their usual travel habits.

Our campaign resulted in:


Exposures across all media for both blogs


Total reach across all media for both blogs


Engagement rate on Facebook and Instagram posts


 The bloggers 


This blog focuses on chasing big experiences on a budget and the couple especially love road trips. They have been road tripping in USA, Japan and Australia among others. We therefore sent them on a road trip to Lüneburger Heide to highlight why the destination is perfect for a road tripping family.

  • Is written by Laura and Anders, who had a 8 month old daughter at the time of traveling
  • +480 followers on Facebook
  • +2000 followers on Instagram
  • Have been blogging since 2013



A World to explore

A World to Explore

Is the leading solo travel blog in Denmark. It focuses on incredible nature experiences, culture and meeting the locals. So the trip to Lüneburger Heide was focused around hiking, experiencing the blue moor frogs, art museums and cosy Germany towns.

  • Written by Tine, who mainly travels solo
  • +870 followers on Facebook
  • +2100 followers on Instagram
  • Have been blogging since 2015


 Produced material 

Photo by Afterglobe

Produced during and after the campaign:

  • 11 posts on Instagram.
  • 83 stories on Instagram.
  • 21 posts on Facebook.
  • 4 blog posts.

A World to Explore
Rejseguide Lüneburger Heide – En perle i Nordtyskland
Heidschnuckenweg – Tysklands smukkeste vandrerute

Billeddagbog: Forlænget weekend syd for Hamborg
Familievenlig weekend ved Lüneburger Heide

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