We collaborate with clients and sponsors, and together we create innovative marketing and create campaigns for destinations, brands and companies. Because we work as a network, we have the opportunity to expose campaigns to a relevant audience. This means that all five blogs in the network contribute to a bigger reach designed for a relevant audience through blogs and social media. This way we will reach the best result.

We offer quality content on different channels and help plan and organize campaigns. Our strength within Danish Travel Bloggers lies in our focus to promote campaigns as an organized trip across every platform before, during and after a trip.

How we can work together

What the bloggers in Danish Travel Bloggers (DTB) have in common is that we all focus the uniqueness of every destination. We are independent travelers who share content about our travels and experiences on each of our channels. Our audience trust our words, and with our travel blogs we all reach an audience that have a great interest in travels and experiences abroad as well as in Denmark. Thanks to our experience in online communication, we can for instance assist you in creating content for your social media or produce photos for your different channels. We all appreciate content that is pleasing to the eye and know the importance of communicating to specific target groups.

  • Creation and administration of customized campaigns and concepts
  • Content creation
  • Organisation of blogtrips
  • Creation of high quality photos
  • Campaigns across social media and blogs
  • Ambassadorship
  • Reporting of the campaign success once the collaboration is over

In the collaboration there is room for both SEO and link building. All tasks will be done in compliance with the Danish marketing law.

Why work with us?

Our collaborations can create value for various types of brands. Our channels gives you access to a specific, engaged and relevant audience. In collaboration with your company, we create content which will reach your preferred target group. Along with that, our audience perceives us as highly credible. Our peer-to-peer approach contributes to our audience perceiving us as being more trustworthy compared to regular marketing through traditional media.

For us, it's not all about the numbers, traffic and conversions.

We highly value our credibility, high quality content with relevant information written in a personal and authentic manner. In our collaboration we will put a high focus on the relationship with the relevant target group. To us, the relationship with the audience is just as important as the relationship with our partners. In collaboration with your company, we will find just the right focus and message that will be the perfect fit between your company and our blogs. Our experience tells us that by combining the story and message in a meaningful and relevant manner, you are more likely to receive more engagement from the desired audience.

Interested in collaborating? We would love to hear from you